Thursday, February 17, 2011

Going to the Mountains

I'm taking off tomorrow at noon with 26 amazing young women for our annual ZOE Girls Retreat!  In the past, we've made some amazing memories...and there is nothing quite like getting away for a weekend!  Here are a few of my favorite moments from past year's retreats

Snowball fight?  Just enough snow for one good toss!

Love our shirts?  Yes, we do original shirts for every retreat - they are a highlight...and wait til you see this year's!
Can you believe I'm related to all of these AMAZING ladies?

What's more fun than finding an old VW van?  I'm not sure if I can think of anything!  Woohoo - pile in and take pictures!

Girls listening as the boys serenade

Here is what I'm looking forward to...ah, doesn't that just look relaxing and gorgeous?

Here is what I'm going to miss...look at this face!


Jenifer Davidson said...


Alyssa said...

I cannot wait! I'm packing right now! :)

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