Monday, June 14, 2010

I Am Still Counting My Gifts (81-100)

I haven't given up on counting my gifts...just got a little behind. However, I am excited to reach 100...and after jotting a few more down, my heart is full of thanks! Perhaps you should join me in counting your gifts! I'm going to 1000!

81. A gorgeous backyard that continues to bloom even though we have black thumbs

82. A season of weddings – watching girls that I love join their lives with men of honor

83. A spontaneous trip to KC – finding that our spontaneity is still possible with a little one

84. Simply sitting in IHOP Prayer Room

85. Watching a little girl twirl in her tutu and then run to get hugs from her daddy…hearing God whisper at that moment that He stills sees me that way too

86. Faithful friends in which I could bare my soul…finding eyes of comfort and words of wisdom

87. A ruffled bikini for Selah’s first pool day

88. Watching Selah bring peace and joy to those who hold her…

89. …to a friend who recently miscarried

90. …to a sweet babysitter who needed to feel she “was living in a novel”

91. …to my lovely mom who has had too much on her plate recently

92. …to my Mema – who despite debilitating pain and frail bones joyfully held my sweet girl with a content smile and many kisses

93. An opportunity to serve – finding fulfillment in a little sweat

94. Arranging floral arrangements for a wedding – laughing at my lack of ability

95. Seeing the beauty of an old stained glass window

96. Talking with a pastor of a small country church – marveling at his warmth and grace…especially as I saw the sign that last Sunday’s attendance was 34…

97. Finding old treasures from my parents’ attic

98. Watching my sweet Selah roll over…and over…and over…

99. Using the hot weather as an excuse for cold treats – ice cream…yogurt…frozen custard…

100. Watching Josh read “Ten Fingers and Ten Toes” with great enthusiasm

holy experience


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