Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adventures with my Mum

I returned last night from a FANTASTIC trip with my mom! We found ourselves in several cities in Czech Republic, a few days in New York City, and even a few hours in Germany & a few minutes in Poland (we drove through)... This trip was far better than I had hoped it would be - it was truly a block of days where it was obvious that God had ordered and directed our steps.

So I'll recap in 3 separate blogs - the first is focused on our time in Prague! We were invited by Eva Bubik to speak at their first ever Women's Conference, and it was AMAZING! We met ladies who traveled from all over the country & I even met 4 ladies who traveled through the night from Slovakia to come to the conference!

Over and over I heard ladies comment that they had never been to anything that was as nice or as relaxed at this weekend. Eva was precious and she put so much thought and time into planning this weekend. She explained that she wanted this to be fun, a place where they could connect with other ladies and be free to laugh or cry or whatever! It was just one moment in the midst of the conference I walked into the cafe that was connected to the theater where the main meetings were held & I saw women craying...some laughing...others enraptured in deep conversation. I told my mom that I actually left rejuvenated myself even though we were there as the speakers!

Here are a few pics of our time in Prague

My mom spoke on the sufficiency of God - it was powerful and just what the ladies needed to hear!

Eva & the worship team were rocking!
The church runs this cafe everyday as an outreach - I LOVED it! During the conference you could always find ladies together sharing their lives...

They asked my mom & I to share one session together - it was great, and I think that the Lord used it too. During our prayer time on the last night we actually had several ladies ask us to pray about their relationship with either their mom or cool that God used our relationship & sharing together to minister in that way!

This is called "Hot Chair" - Dita interviewed 5 ladies about how God is using their talents

Some of our favorite girls! My mom, Alice Mackovickova, Ali, Miriam, & me!

We also got to do just a bit of siteseeing!

My mom & Eva - please pray for her - she was in a car accident the day after the conference. She is going to be okay but hurt her back.

More adventures with my mom to come!

(I have some funny stories to tell too)!


Jenifer Davidson said...

so glad yall had a great time...did yall end up watching mama mia?

Enid said...

Awee, what a great time! Love the picture and I will be praying for the girl!

Jennifer said...

You girls are too cute! Looks like you had a fabulous time and I know ya'll made some incredible eternal deposits in the hearts of those ladies! Looking forward to the next 2 posts:)

mandal said...

I love to see your pics from all your travels. And I want to hear more about your Bill Clinton encounter:)

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