Friday, March 13, 2009

Tips from Paige!

Thought I would share a few Paige thoughts today...

So, in my last blog I mentioned that I prefer the ESV (English Standard Version) of the Bible and a couple of people wanted to know why. Basically, I was won over to this version while in seminary...It is a newer translation & it came out after some older manuscripts were discovered...technically it is a good version that in seminary speak is a good mixture between formal & dynamic equivalence. Meaning it is a good translation that will get you close to the original language & intent of the authors but it is in words that are easy enough to understand.

Ultimately, what I tell my students is to find a translation that works for you! And if you are going to be preaching or teaching it is important to look at 2 or 3 translations to get a good feel for the passage of scripture.

On a completely different note...I have been quite saddened that my favorite magazine - Domino is no longer around - it got cut by Conde Nast last month. So, occasionally I have been looking at websites to still get creative ideas...and I found a super fun blog:

Some of you will not like the quirky style, but I'm digging it!

Speaking of are a couple of pictures of my new office - these are the results of "Operation Happy Place"

Loving can create a radio station based off of one artist that you like. I've followed the advice of my amazing assistant - Hannah Reed - and I've been listening to Lenka radio & Ingrid Michaelson radio...LOVE it!

And I'm out!


Jennifer said...

Love the Tip from Paige...that could turn into a whole new blog concept in itself.
And, I'm prolly gonna steal the idea. :-) I like to announce those things upfront.

And thanks for the ESV lesson. I tend to throw out the newer stuff. (have NO idea why, though)...but I will definitly be adding the version to my library. :-)

and I want to see those poster pics of your office in general!!

Jennifer said...

hahah! Ok, so I read your blog earlier, there were no pics....but got distracted before i left a comment, so I came BACK to leave a comment, and didn't look at anything....AND NOW...I see there are, in fact, pictures.


Fyi- like the made by girl blog too! Saw that a couple days ago...

The Barnyards said...

"Operation Happy Place" -love it. Thanks for the link to the hip madebygirl website! REALLY like it and just added her blog to my blog list! I need to check out the ESV of the b-i-b-l-e. I think my "growing up Baptist" roots hinders me from branching out from my NKJV. ;)

Love your tips!

Angie Neal said...

Love your office, I would be happy to have a chat with you there! I especially love the "Live" prints on your wall very cute!

Angie Classen said...

I'm trying the Igrid Michaelson radio right now... so far so good. Thanks for the tip!

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