Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where I am - February 2009

Where I am: As always when I'm writing my blogs - I'm sitting on my couch! But instead of a cup of coffee or hot tea. I'm eating pizza with my husband while watching the Biggest Loser (I feel that there is something wrong with that sentence...but that is the reality - at least I'm drinking water - perhaps it will help me digest these uber-calories :))...

What I am listening to: I took Sara Casas's suggestion downloaded the free Phil Wickham CD - Singalong...really like it & I find myself listening to it often. I have plans to go purchase the new Kari Jobe CD too.

What I am watching: At the moment, The Biggest Loser. I had a girls night a couple of weeks ago and we saw "He's Just Not That Into You" - I didn't really like had some funny moments and cute chic flicks moments, but mostly I went away thinking just how sad our society's view of relationships are...I would like to go see the movie "Taken" and I have plans to go see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" with my sisters.

What I'm reading: We took a cruise last week (see below) & it allowed me to do some reading. I read The Shack while I was on the boat. Honestly, it didn't do much for me. I think my expectations were too high after hearing it praises sung by countless people. I thought that the message of the book was great (disagreed with a couple of points theologically - but mostly good), I can see how this message of relationship could bring a lot of healing to lives...I also read "A Wedding in December"...currently I have 10 books sitting in my office and I'm debating which to pick up next.

Recap on some memorable moments: If you read a previous blog I mentioned that I was asked to pose as a bride for Shugart's photography. So, I had a photo shoot & even got some friends to pose as my bridesmaids. I don't have any of the official pictures - didn't see the need in having a picture of myself in a wedding gown that wasn't my own, so I'll just show a quick shot of my and my girls before the photo shoot! (We laughed a lot - especially when they tried to get us to fake laugh together)...

Yay for Relaxation: Josh and I went on a cruise last week - it was Josh's annual business conference, and I'm so glad that they chose to host it on this luxurious boat! Basically, Josh went to a few meetings and then we did our best to rest and eat yummy food! Oh, and Josh won the dodgeball tournament on the cruise! Here are a few pictures from our week!

Our waitress - Magali from Argentina - we became good friends over the course of our meals!

On our formal should see my dress - it is fabulous!

Oh, I had to take a picture during the in case of an emergency orientation - these life vests were crazy!

Pictures from my 30th: I wanted to share a few pictures from my party. Josh & my mom did a great job planning this special night! And I've discovered that 30 is fabulous!

Blowing out my candles...

It was a themed party - "Around the World in 30 Years" - my cousins Shelby & Dustin came decked out in costume - aren't they cute!

My best friend growing up - Megan came into town for the event - a definite highlight for me! This is when she came around the corner - I was shocked!

I love my mom! Isn't she lovely!

What I am Looking Forward to: I'm taking our college & young adult girls on a retreat this weekend to Ruidoso - yay! It should be a great time to relax, laugh, and simply stop for a moment to listen both to the Lord and the hearts of some of these amazing women I get the privilege of working with...

Until next time...I think I'll go have a cup of tea - try to find a moment this week to stop and do the same!


Sarah said...

I love your pics... the life vest-hilarious! and Josh winning the dodgeball contest?! (who is suprised by this?) I am glad you love the phil wickham cd. Kari Jobe's new cd is so great-a must have!

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