Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things about me

  1. I have been tagged by at least five people to do this tag or one similar... So, Leslie, Jennifer Watson, Liz, Amanda, and others this is for you!
  2. I don't normally do tags (it is a way for me to rebel :))
  3. I am a Jane Austen fan. I've read all of her books, read several cheesy books that ponder her own life, and have seen most movies about her. Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion are my favorite of her novels and the BBC always portrays her books the best.
  4. If I started with a new "career" I would like to be an event planner (for fabulous parties) or try interior decorating.
  5. I've killed every plant that I've ever purchased in my life (except the two that are currently alive in my house - I'm counting the days until they are gonners).
  6. I think I have OCD tendencies. I count ridges on objects constantly but I can't stop counting until they end on a multiple of five.
  7. I once wore jeans with with cow fur on them and I thought I was so cool.
  8. My dad's nickname for me is Paigey Poodle - nothing says I love you like naming you after an annoying dog!
  9. I have been to the following countries: Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Greece, Israel, UK, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Thailand, India, & Ukraine.
  10. I was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in Jr. High
  11. I always make a wish when I see the clock turn 11:11
  12. I cry at inappropriate times and rarely cry when I should
  13. I'm allergic to most things outside - grass, most trees, hay, etc.
  14. I once had a job where I announced baseball games even though I didn't & still don't understand the many rules to baseball.
  15. I showed steers (bulls without their boy parts) one year. My calves did not do good but I won the showmanship award (pretty sure it was because I was the only cowgirl with a color-coordinated outfit - from big bow to my yellow boots!)
  16. The only stitches I've ever received were due to the fact that I ran into a shopping cart (I can be clutzy sometimes)
  17. Even after YEARS of braces my teeth still angled so they just added onto the bottom of my teeth (I have something like concrete added to the bottom of some of my teeth)
  18. I often thank God that I was born in this time period - between bad teeth, acne that was helped by dermatologist & bad eyes...I'm aware that I would be the homely girl if I lived in the 16th century.
  19. I'm allergic to most perfumes - I will literally vomit if someone gets too close with strong perfume
  20. I have motion sickness & have gotten sick on a plane, bus, vans, & cars! Is that TMI?
  21. I take a bath almost every night before I go to bed.
  22. I have been to 3 international hospitals & once had to run for cover from bombs (literally)
  23. I have seen & run from a tornado
  24. I once went on an all cereal diet (didn't lose any weight)
  25. I have run two marathons and am contemplating another one...
So, I'm not going to tag anyone, but I'd love to learn interesting things about any of you!


Does it matter? said...

LOL! Hmm, cow fur? Never heard of that one! Didn't know you showed steers. Anyways, tell Josh I saw him at the Master's Plan meeting at Trinity but didn't get a chance to talk to him. He can come by and see my blog through the link. Still undergoing renovation.

Have a blessed day,


Sarah said...

I can relate with you on a few. Motion sickness, I am so bad. I also must take a bath every night or I don't sleep as well.

Angie Neal said...

I love these! I was laughing out loud a few times. And I am the same way with perfume, I feel strongly that it should be illegal to wear it.

mandal said...

I so remember those cow jeans:) I wanted some! Loved your list!

Anonymous said...


Good one on 25 Things about me.I recently found out 1 million children are accidentally poisoned in their homes each year.And also I did find the toxins we use in our home here think it's time we all know about the toxins we use.


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